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Incorrect information on a W-2 Form

Please note: Zenefits receives a very high volume of W-2 correction requests in the months of December through February. You may experience longer than normal wait times for response and resolution. The following steps are intended to address many of the most common requests to help you get to an answer as soon as possible.


Administrators can generate a W-2 preview report for review of wage and tax information and to ensure there are no discrepancies that need to be addressed.

If you see discrepancies on the W-2 preview report, please keep in mind that this report is generated prior to the end of the calendar year and doesn't contain totals for the entire year.  If administrators need to review YTD totals to ensure accuracy prior to W-2 generation in January, these totals can be found by pulling an All In One report from the Reports tab of the Payroll app in Zenefits.

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