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How can I edit my employee's W-4 form?

Why am I able to edit an employee's W-4 information?

If an employee is onboarding to Zenefits and selects that they'd like to use the Legacy W-4 form information (for Federal level,or if their work location is Colorado, New Mexico, or North Dakota) that they have previously filled out either offline or within a different system, then Zenefits will not collect information or a signature. After the employee completes onboarding, the company administrator will be notified to import the information from the employee's legacy W-4 form into the employee's Tax Info in the employee profile. If the employee chooses to make changes within their profile in the future, they will be prompted to use the new 2020 form elections.

When will I be able to edit my employee's W-4 in  Zenefits' system ?

After you receive notification that an employee who has completed onboarding into Zenefits has elected to use the legacy W-4  information that they completed either offline or in a different HRIS system, you will see the option to import W-4 elections into the Tax Info section of that employee's profile.

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