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W-4 FAQs

What is a W-4?

W-4 lets your employer know how much taxes to withhold from your pay.

What is withholding?

It’s an amount of your wages that are taken from your paycheck to be given to federal, state, or local tax authorities. Withholding reduces the amount of tax that you, as an employee, have to pay when you submit your annual tax returns.

Do all of my employees need to redo their W-4 form now that there is a new one in 2020?

Only new hires will have to complete the 2020 version of the W-4.  Existing workers aren't required to complete a new W-4 form until they adjust their withholding. They can leave their 2019 (or prior) forms W-4 and withholding allowances unchanged.

Do I need to have my employees fill out a physical Form W-4?

No, the Zenefits hiring flow captures the fields as they employee onboards. If an employee wishes to change their withholding, as they edit this from their Personal Information, it will generate a new 2020 version of their Form W-4 withholding.

What if I have questions about filling out the Form W-4?

Zenefits strongly recommends either connecting with a personal tax advisor or utilizing the tools provided by the IRS, if you have questions about how to answer these questions. Zenefits cannot advise or assist you in deciding what answer is best for you. If you are having a technical issue, such as being unable to load the page, then please contact Zenefits Support.

Why can’t Zenefits help me fill out my Form W-4?

Zenefits is your company’s HR system of record, so while we provide you a medium to fill out the Form W-4 online, we are not tax advisors. For additional information on the topic, you may want to check out our Workest blog resource.

Will filling out a new 2020 version of the Form W-4 affect how my taxes are calculated?

Yes, in that you would only need to fill out a Form W-4 if you are changing your withholdings, and if you are changing your withholdings then your tax calculations will change.

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