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W-4 Forms in Zenefits

When employees onboard to Zenefits and enter their state tax information, Zenefits will populate this information into the appropriate state W-4 form. When current employees edit their tax information in the Bank and Tax Info card, the form is regenerated with the new withholding and filing status information.

Form W-4 Withholding Allowance Certificate for Employees

IRS Form W-4 is the employee form for calculating and declaring the amount of federal income tax that should be withheld from each paycheck. Withholding amounts are calculated b... Learn more

Contents of State W-4 Forms

State W-4 forms may include a number of state-specific fields, but will generally collect an employee's filing status (e.g., single, married, married with single income), allowa... Learn more

Downloading W-4 Forms in Zenefits

If you're an employee, click here to download a copy of your current W-4(s) in the Documents section of the Personal Information card. See these instructions if you need to edit... Learn more

Examples of State W-4 Forms

Here's a comprehensive list of State W-4 forms and instructions for filing them out as an employee. States without linked forms do not have state income tax and therefore ... Learn more

State and Federal W-4 Forms in Zenefits and Tax Compliance

Zenefits uses state and Federal W-4 forms to collect employee withholding information for payroll purposes only, and does not necessarily collect all the information required by... Learn more

Form W-4 Updates for 2020

As of December 5, 2019, the IRS provided their final draft of the new W-4 form for the year 2020. Any new employee hired within 2020 or existing employees making an edit to thei... Learn more

How do I enter W-4 info in Zenefits?

During the onboarding process, you’ll be prompted to fill out tax information that is relevant to you so payroll can be calculated correctly.Please note that you are responsible... Learn more

How can I edit my employee's W-4 form?

Why am I able to edit an employee's W-4 information?If an employee is onboarding to Zenefits and selects that they'd like to use the Legacy W-4 form information (for Federal lev... Learn more

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