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How do I Update Employee Tax Information in Zenefits Payroll

For Administrators and Employees

Zenefits Payroll uses employees' home addresses and work locations in Zenefits to determine where to tax them, and their filing status and withholding allowances to determine how much to withhold from each paycheck.

For example, let's say an employee moves to a new state:

  1. The employee should update their home address in the Personal Information app to reflect the new state.
  2. If the employee's work location is also changing, their manager (or an administrator) should assign them to the new work location (or create a new one, if necessary). The work location should be in the state where the employee will physically perform work.
  3. After changes are made to the address and/or work location, the employee should update their withholding allowances and filing status for the new state(s) in the Bank and Tax Info app.

Based on these, Zenefits Payroll will make the necessary adjustments to the employee's taxes in payroll.

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