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Paying and Filing Taxes Manually for Zenefits Payroll

Employers who use Zenefits Payroll will need to personally file and pay those taxes, if they have opted to file state and local taxes on their own. Additionally, if an employer was notified that Zenefits Payroll could not file and pay their taxes in one or more state or local jurisdictions due to a missing tax ID number, the employer will need to personally file and pay those taxes.

Zenefits Payroll will always file and pay the company's federal taxes.

Please make sure to provide Zenefits Payroll with copies of the returns so that we can update our records.

Companies who believe they are not subject to withholding for a given jurisdiction may choose not to file, and are responsible for all consequences of that decision. Those who choose not to file in a particular state should contact Zenefits Customer Care to let us know so that we can run a correction and make sure that employees'  W-2s are updated. Otherwise, they may be inaccurate at the end of the year.

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