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State Unemployment Rate Adjustment Requests

Now, when you update a State Unemployment rate in Zenefits Payroll, you will be prompted to authorize an automated adjustment on any past payrolls that were processed at the incorrect rate.  Once authorized, the system will generate a correction pay run and send an inbox notification to administrators to review and approve the amounts of the adjustment.

A few items to note as you utilize this new feature:

  • The system will generate correction pay runs for rate changes four times each day.  Once a rate change is authorized for adjustment, the corresponding correction pay run will become available for processing within 2 to 4 hours.
  • Rate changes entered on the last day of the quarter may not allow for enough time to process the adjustment.  Be sure to allow plenty of time to ensure accuracy for the filing period.
  • Administrators  with rate changes for multiple jurisdictions on one day, may need to approve more than one correction pay run.
  • Rate adjustment pay runs must be approved before the end of the quarter in order for Zenefits to collect and pay the correct tax amounts on behalf of employers.
  • If administrators are unable to process the correction pay runs prior to the end of the quarter, they will need to work directly with the tax agency to recoup any overpayments or pay amounts due.
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