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Tax Deposit and Filing Schedules in Zenefits Payroll

During setup, Zenefits Payroll will ask you for the deposit schedules assigned to your company by agencies in each state where you pay employees. The schedule you select will determine how often Zenefits Payroll should deposit and file your accumulated income, FICA taxes, and other state taxes. All state Unemployment taxes are filed and paid on a quarterly basis.

How Are Deposit Schedules Assigned?

Federal Taxes

  • For most companies, Zenefits Payroll will deposit all Federal taxes on a semi-weekly schedule. For those who accumulate over $100,000 in Federal tax liability within a normal deposit period, Zenefits Payroll will deposit taxes on the following business day.

Unemployment Taxes

  • All accumulated Federal and State unemployment taxes (and surcharges) will be paid on a quarterly basis.

State and Local Taxes

  • In general, deposit schedules are assigned based on the amount of taxes you accumulate in a period. The more you pay your employees, the higher the amount of taxes you'll accumulate, and the more frequently you could be required to pay and file your taxes. States will notify employers of their deposit schedules, and employers should immediately update Zenefits when such a notice is received. Here are the instructions for doing so.
  • It is important to deposit and file taxes at the correct frequency. If you are unsure, you can contact the agency directly. While it can cause confusion with an agency, employers are rarely penalized for depositing taxes more frequently. On the other hand, it is common for agencies to penalize deposits they consider late.
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