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Tax Filing and Payment Timeline in Zenefits Payroll

Here's an overview of the tax filing and payment timeline in Zenefits Payroll. Zenefits Payroll will provide copies of completed returns to primary administrators. These returns can also be downloaded in payroll from the Reports and Forms page.

  1. When you run payroll, Zenefits Payroll will debit your payroll account for an amount that includes your workers' Direct Deposit funds, any reimbursements, and all employer and employee taxes on wages paid in that run.
  2. This amount is transferred into Zenefits Payroll's clearing house bank account. When the (2 or 4-day) processing period ends, Direct Deposit funds and reimbursements are transferred into the worker bank accounts. The tax amounts stay in Zenefits Payroll's clearing house account until taxes are due.
  3. Using the Tax IDs you've provided during setup (or later), Zenefits Payroll will deposit your accumulated tax amounts for each state no later than the schedule you selected for that state, or the default schedule that Zenefits Payroll assigned to you. When possible, and where allowable by a particular agency, Zenefits Payroll may deposit your taxes early.
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