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What is Calculate Only

If you actively run payroll with Zenefits, but we are missing information such as State Tax IDs, access codes, Unemployment Insurance (UI) rates ,  Third-Party Administrator information, or you have requested that we not file taxes for you, then Zenefits will update the level of service for that jurisdiction to Calculate Only.

For Calculate Only service, Zenefits will calculate any employee and/or employer taxes relating to this jurisdiction and display this amount in your quarterly tax package but will not withdraw funds for the calculated taxes, remit the calculated tax amounts, file tax returns, or resolve notices for the respective tax agency. In the event that Zenefits receives any communication from the jurisdiction in a Calculate Only status, Zenefits will forward such communication to you to address directly.

If this jurisdiction includes employee taxes, your employees will have their calculated taxes deducted from their pay for the Calculate Only jurisdiction and these funds will remain in your company’s bank account. Your company will then be responsible for remitting all taxes and associated tax returns to the proper tax agency. 

Please note that Calculate Only is available for state-level jurisdictions. Federal, municipal, and local jurisdictions are Full Service only.

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