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When does Zenefits Payroll Take Out Taxes

For Administrators and Employees

When you run payroll, Zenefits Payroll will debit employer and employee taxes for the run from your payroll account along with any reimbursements and employee net pay (for Direct Deposit). These amounts will stay in Zenefits Payroll's clearing house bank account until it's time to pay your taxes.

Some states and local jurisdictions also have periodic taxes, which aren't tied to your pay schedule(s). If you're subject to one of these periodic taxes, Zenefits Payroll will debit these taxes separately, towards the end of the period. Learn more.

For example, New York City's MCTMT tax is calculated on a quarterly basis, based on a company's quarterly payroll expenses. For companies subject to MCTMT, Zenefits Payroll will calculate and debit MCTMT taxes at the end of the quarter.

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