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How to Use the Tax Overview Page

Tasks & Notifications

The Tasks & Notifications section will keep you up to date on your tax to-do list. The items you see in this list will be restricted solely to tax administration items. These tasks and notifications can also be found on the Tasks & Notifications section of the Payroll Overview page, as well as on the main dashboard. Once you've marked the task or notification as done or read, it will be removed from all Tasks & Notifications sections in your account.

We recommend completing these items in a timely manner to keep your company in good standing. If these tasks or notifications are not completed timely, it may result in tax notices or require corrections to your tax filings.

Key Dates & Deadlines

To help you stay informed and on top of your tax administration tasks, this section will display relevant tax dates and deadlines for your company.

Help Links

We know there’s a lot to manage when it comes to payroll taxes, so we made sure to keep resources nearby. These links will take you to helpful articles in the Zenefits Help Center, and will keep you current on key tax related topics.

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