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Will Zenefits deposit taxes for an agency once it is updated to Full Service

Yes.  As long as you have provided any needed authorizations and entered accurate tax identification or other required information.  Zenefits will debit you and deposit any taxes collected after the effective date for agencies that you have set to Full Service.  However, Zenefits will no longer be responsible for timely deposits if debits to your company bank account fail for any reason.  This includes non-tax related debits that trigger a suspension to your account.

In addition, when selecting the current tax period as your effective period for a Level of Service change, you will be prompted to authorize the transfer of responsibility for tax deposits that fall within the current tax period. 

It is important to note that transferring the responsibility for deposits with past due dates is restricted by the system.  Should you need Zenefits to assist with any tax amounts that were due in the past, you will need to reach out to our Customer Care team.

When transferring responsibility for eligible payments, you may see an indication that there may not be enough time for Zenefits to collect and pay the tax amounts timely* if the due date is less than 5 business days in the future.  Should you need assistance in selecting specific payments that you would like Zenefits to collect and pay on your behalf, please reach out to our Customer Care team.

*This message does not apply to tax payments for customers with a 2-day block period as these will be sent based on the due date ahead of a successful debit.


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