How do I cancel service with my previous provider?

To cancel service with your previous payroll provider, follows the steps listed below. Please note that this process is only for companies that switch payroll providers mid-year. 

  • Check if your old payroll provider has an online cancellation option. If you can't cancel online, you'll need to submit the following information to your previous payroll provider. Zenefits has created a form letter for this purpose here.
    • Ask them not to file your current quarter returns or annual returns for this calendar year. Zenefits will take care of these filings for you.
    • Ask them not to file your employees' W-2 forms for this calendar year, as Zenefits will also take care of these for you.
    • If you haven't done so already, request a refund for any tax refund payments that you've asked Zenefits to remit to tax agencies.
  • For your records, be sure to export and save, or request, all your quarter-to-date and year-to-date reports from your previous provider for this calendar year.
  • Finally, review your former provider's terms of service for information on any applicable cancellation fees, courtesy notice timelines, or billing refunds.
  • Zenefits cannot reach out to your prior provider on your behalf, please work with them directly on this process. 
If you are switching at the end of the year and will be running all payroll in the new year with Zenefits, then your previous provider can handle the taxes for the year you ran with them and Zenefits will take over filings for the new year. 

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