How do I reconcile payroll in Zenefits Payroll?

Payroll reconciliation is the process of comparing your internal accounting records (such as a company bank statement) against your pay run(s) to ensure accuracy. Reconciling will help to identify possible account errors or mismatches caused by possible credit(s) applied to payrun(s) and/or the Level of Service of your Taxes.

To reconcile the amounts that Zenefits Payroll debited for the taxes and worker net pay (by Direct Deposit) in a particular payroll, run the All-in-One Report and enter the payroll's check date for the report's Start and End date.

The amount that Zenefits Payroll will debit from your company's payroll account will include:

  • Net pay for all workers paid by Direct Deposit
  • Reimbursements to any workers paid by Direct Deposit
  • All worker and employer taxes

Note: The debit amount excludes any net pay for workers who are paid by check, and all deductions or contributions for workers' benefits. Zenefits will also pull this amount in two separate debits: one for worker pay and one for all related payroll taxes.

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