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How do I manage an employee on a leave of absence in Zenefits payroll

Zenefits Payroll currently does not have functionality to automatically remove or add employees on leave of absence. In the meantime, you'll need to manually uncheck any employees on LOA in each run before you run payroll.


  • For any period in which the employee isn't working at all, make sure to remove the employee from the run by click the checked box next to their name. If you see a line through their name, they won't be paid in the run.
  • For any period in which the employee works only part of the period, uncheck them from the regular run, then run an off-cycle payroll, and add the employee by click the empty box next to their name. Then, add prorate their pay for that period and add it as Regular Earnings.


Here's how to prorate a salaried employee's paycheck. For hourly employees, just enter the number of hours worked.

Note that removing an employee from a run from doesn't affect future runs, so you'll need to do this each time you run payroll while the employee is still on LOA.

For more information on removing employees when running payroll, see this guide to running off-cycle payroll in Zenefits Payroll.



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