Child Support Garnishments Payments

Does Zenefits remit child support garnishments? 

Zenefits is happy to help with remitting some child support garnishments. Garnishment remittance can vary from state to state, so we've provided the chart below. We included links to the state agency and listed their requirements.

To see if Zenefits can remit payments on your company's behalf, take the following steps.

  1. Ensure that the jurisdiction is supported through the worker's Pay Template (the People section of the Payroll app).
  2. Check if payments can be enabled using the chart below.
  3. If reaching out to the jurisdiction for registration is required in the chart below, make sure to do this before enabling payments.
  4. Once registration with the jurisdiction has been completed, return to the worker's Pay Template and select Yes to Reconciliation with issuing agency complete?
  5. Then you can switch Service Level to Payment Enabled*
*If unable to switch from Calculation Only to Payment Enabled, then Zenefits cannot assist with remitting for this agency at this time.

How do I register my company with the agency?

You can do this by reaching out to the agency using the contact information on the order. If there's no contact information on the order, you can find contact information on the state website linked below.

How do I register each order?

Some states need you to register every order. First, the agency will confirm information is correct in both systems. Then they'll give you an identification number.

The garnishment identification number will connect the payment with the correct recipient. This is why it's important that all fields are accurately entered.

Registration process varies by agency. You may want to contact them before completing the setup process in Zenefits.

What's a required case identifier?

Zenefits has worked with each agency to determine which case identifier they use. The Required Case Identifier column will align with the required field in Zenefits. 

Please note that some agencies maintain information at a county level, not a state level. If there is a discrepancy between what Zenefits says and what they agency asks for, go with the agency. 

For example, if Zenefits asks for a 10 digit REMIT ID but you contact the agency and they ask for a 6 digit REMIT ID, enter the 6 digit REMIT ID in Zenefits.

StateChild Support Agency NamePayments SupportedCompany needs to register w/ the state?Company needs to reconcile each order?Required Case Identifier
AlabamaAlabama Child Support Payment CenterNOYES-ORDER ID
AlaskaAlaska Department of Revenue, Child Support Services DivisionNO--CASE NUMBER
ArizonaArizona Support Payment Clearing HouseYESNONOCASE NUMBER
ArkansasArkansas Office of Child Support Enforcement Clearing House, State Disbursement UnitYESNO NOCASE NUMBER
CaliforniaCalifornia State Disbursement UnitYESYESYESORDER ID
ColoradoColorado Family Support RegistryYESNO NOREMIT ID
ConnecticutConnecticut Office of Child Support ServicesYESNO NOCASE NUMBER
DelawareDelaware Division of Child Support ServicesYESNONOCASE NUMBER
D.C.District of Columbia Child Support CollectionsNO- -CASE NUMBER
FloridaFlorida State Disbursement UnitYESYESYES CASE NUMBER
GeorgiaGeorgia Family Support RegistryYESNONOCASE NUMBER
HawaiiHawaii Child Support Enforcement AgencyYESNONO CASE NUMBER
IdahoIdaho Child Support ReceiptingYESNONO CASE NUMBER
IllinoisIllinois State Disbursement UnitYESNONO CASE NUMBER
IndianaIndiana State Child Support BureauYESNONO CASE NUMBER 
IowaIowa Collection Services CenterYESNONOCASE NUMBER
KansasKansas Payment CenterYESNONO ORDER ID
KentuckyKentucky Division of Child Support EnforcementYESNONOCASE NUMBER
LouisianaLouisiana Centralized Collection UnitYESYES-CASE NUMBER
MaineMaine Department of Human Services, Division of Support Enforcement and RecoveryYESNONO CASE NUMBER
MarylandMaryland Department of Human Resources, Child Support Enforcement AdministrationYESNONO CASE NUMBER
MassachusettsMassachusetts Department of Revenue, Child Support EnforcementYESNONOCASE NUMBER
MichiganMichigan State Disbursement UnitYESNONO CASE NUMBER
MinnesotaMinnesota Child Support Payment CenterYESNONO CASE NUMBER
MississippiMississippi State Disbursement UnitYESNONOCASE NUMBER
MissouriMissouri Family Support Payment CenterYESNONOCASE NUMBER
MontanaMontana Department of Health and Human Services, Child Support Enforcement DivisionNO- -CASE NUMBER
NebraskaNebraska Child Support Payment CenterYESNONO REMIT ID
NevadaNevada Division of Welfare and Supportive ServicesYESNONOCASE NUMBER
New HampshireNew Hampshire Child Support Regional Processing CenterYESNONO CASE NUMBER
New JerseyNew Jersey Family Support Payment CenterYESNONO CASE NUMBER
New MexicoNew Mexico State Disbursement UnitYESNONO CASE NUMBER
New YorkNew York State Child Support Processing CenterYESNONO CASE NUMBER
North CarolinaNorth Carolina Child Support Centralized CollectionNO- -CASE NUMBER
North DakotaNorth Dakota State Disbursement Unit, North Dakota Child Support EnforcementYESNO NOCASE NUMBER
OhioOhio Child Support Payment CentralYESNONO CASE NUMBER
OklahomaOklahoma Centralized Support RegistryYESNONO REMIT ID
OregonOregon Department of Justice, Division of Child Support Program Services CenterYESNONO CASE NUMBER
PennsylvaniaPennsylvania State Collection and Disbursement UnitYESNONO REMIT ID
Rhode IslandRhode Island Family Court, Rhode Island Child Support Payment ServiceNO- -CASE NUMBER
South CarolinaSouth Carolina Department of Social Services, Child Support Enforcement DivisionYESNONOCASE NUMBER
South DakotaSouth Dakota Child Support Payment CenterYESNONOCASE NUMBER
TennesseeTennessee State Disbursement UnitYESNONOCASE NUMBER
TexasTexas Child Support Disbursement Unit- Office of Attorney GeneralYESNONOCASE NUMBER
UtahUtah Office of Recovery ServicesYESNONO CASE NUMBER 
VermontVermont Office of Child SupportYESNONOCASE NUMBER 
VirginiaVirginia Division of Child Support EnforcementYESNONO CASE NUMBER
WashingtonWashington State Support RegistryYESNONO CASE NUMBER
West VirginiaWest Virginia Bureau for Child Support EnforcementYESNONO CASE NUMBER 
WisconsinWisconsin Support Collections Trust FundYESNONO CASE NUMBER 
WyomingWyoming State Disbursement UnitYESNONOCASE NUMBER

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