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What is the All-In-One report in Zenefits Payroll

The All-in-One report is essentially a payroll journal. It lists all earnings, deductions, contributions, and taxes by payroll run for the selected period.

This report can be accessed by clicking the Reports tab within the Payroll app.

Earnings Information in All-in-One Report

The All-in-One report includes, for each run, amounts for all earnings items for each employee in the run. Actual items will vary depending on the company's list of default and custom earnings items, but will include:

  • Additional Earnings (bonus, commissions, etc.)
  • Additional Earnings Hourly Rate
  • Regular Earnings
  • Regular Earnings Hours
  • Regular Earnings Hourly Rate
  • Overtime Hours
  • Overtime Hours Hourly Rate
  • Gross Pay
  • Net Pay

Tax Information in All-in-One Report

The All-in-One report includes, for each run, the following tax amounts for each employee in the run:

  • Employer and Employee FICA tax
  • Employee Federal and State income tax
  • Employer State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) tax
  • Any other state or local taxes

Benefits Information in All-in-One Report

The All-in-One report contains all information included in the Benefits Breakdown report, which includes, for each run, all deductions or contributions types on the account, including both default pay items (for benefits managed through Zenefits), and custom items for outside deductions and contributions.


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