How does Overtime from Zenefits Time & Attendance sync to Payroll?

When a work week isn't fully contained within a pay period, we will not sync the overtime for the incomplete work week to payroll. The regular pay will include all hours worked in the current pay period (including OT hours, but paid at the regular rate - not the premium). The premium part of the earnings (OT) will be synced to the next period. We can't calculate the rate of pay for OT until we have a complete data set for the work week because we use all the regular rates of pay to calculate the OT rate for the week.

With biweekly or weekly pay schedules it's possible to have your pay periods and work week always align. With semimonthly or monthly pay schedules, the pay period and work week will not be able to always align.

Example 1:
The work week is Monday - Sunday and the pay period is weekly, Monday - Sunday.
The pay periods will always align with the work week.  All OT will be synced to the current pay period.

Example 2:
The work week is Monday - Sunday and the pay period is semimonthly, and ends on a Wednesday.
The final work week of the pay period is not fully contained within the pay period. Any OT worked on M/T/W will not be synced to payroll for the current period.  Instead, it will sync to the next pay period where the work week is completed.

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