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Running Zenefits Payroll Report

Learn how to run a Zenefits payroll report.

Run payroll reports by selecting from the following available reports:

Some payroll reports will be emailed to you instead of immediately downloaded.



  • All-in-One: Includes all historical runs, with employee earnings, deductions, contributions, and taxes in each run.
  • Bank Transactions: Lists bank transactions using the payroll account, e.g., payments to employees.
  • Bank Transactions Details: Aggregates all payroll related credits and debits processed by Zenefits in one place, including detail for federal, state, and local transactions.
  • Payroll Summary Report: This report records the financial impact of each payroll on a client company and allows clients to make informed decisions on  payruns  and funding. Additionally, it gives subtotals and totals for a client's payroll run (or custom period) for each individual earning, deduction, garnishment, contribution, employee tax, employer tax, and totals for each category.
  • Payroll Register Report: This report allows clients to see a summary view of total earnings, deductions, contributions, taxes, and total cost at the check level for a selected payroll run or alternatively, all payroll runs over a selected period.
  • Labor Distribution Report: This report allows clients to see an accounting statement that details hours worked, wages earned, and other summary data by department and/or location.
  • Payroll Detail Report: This report allows administrators to see summary information of paychecks by employee to allow informed decisions in reviewing payroll. It also gives detail on the run (or period) by employee check on all earnings, deductions, garnishments, contributions, employee taxes, and employer taxes. It can be sorted and subtotaled by location and/or department, and by name. Additionally, the report provides employee details, including SSN, hire date, location, department, address, period, check date, etc.
  • Employee Detail Report: This report allows clients to see all the information that's currently in payroll for each employee--that  includes new, ongoing, and terminated employees. It also allows clients to view their withholding allowances, filing statuses, and personal information.
  • History Summary Report: Provides a summary view of all earnings, deductions, contributions, and taxes per year and by all quarters, for individual employees or company totals. It includes earnings, deductions, garnishments, contributions, employee taxes, employer taxes, and totals for every quarter & year to date for each category.
  • Wage and Tax Summary Report: Allows clients to see gross wages, taxable wages, and taxes that are subject to federal, state, and local withholdings. It captures each employee's tax setup, including:

              - SSN (masked)
              - Federal, work & residential state status & allowances (and local taxes if applicable)
              - Gross wages
              - Each employee tax & employer tax (including taxable wages & total taxes)
              - This report can be run for any period, sort, and subtotal by Department or Location

  • Tax Liability Report: This report allows clients to see a detailed breakdown of all Payroll Tax Liabilities for a pay period. The report can be sorted and subtotaled by federal, state, and localities within states. For any selected period, this report captures:

             - Individual employee taxes
             - Individual employer taxes (including total liability for each)
             - Prepaid or client responsibility amounts
             - Zenefits deposited & pending amounts

Administrators can select a group of employees by department, location, and other categories. Admins can also select for all employees to get individual reports for each employee in the group. A company level report can be run for totals for each item and category.

  • Garnishment Setup: This report shows each employee that has a garnishment in place, as well as their set up date, SSN, garnishment details, and status.
  • Garnishment Audit Report: This report captures garnishment data, sorted by employee, check date, amount withheld, any uncollected administrative fee, and the amount to submit to the agency or  3rd party.
  • Workers Compensation Calculation: This report will display all the liabilities you need to determine if your company is subject to Workers Compensation requirements.
  • W-2  Preview : The  W-2  preview will help you ensure a smooth year end processing. Please review and verify that the information appears to be correct.

If you'd like to run a report to reconcile payroll, you can run the  All-in-One  report for that payroll's check date.


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