Understanding Permissions in Performance Management Reviews

Full Company AdminHR Admin (can be limited by dept or location)ManagerIndividuals
Create reviewYYYN
Assign revieweeCan select anyCan assign reviewees based on their permissionsCan assign only from their teamN/A
Assign reviewerCan select anyCan select anyCan select anyN/A
Write/share summaryNNOnly for my direct reportsN/A
Write and submit reviewY - if assigned as reviewerY - if assigned as reviewerY - if assigned as reviewerY - if assigned as reviewer
Save review as a templateYYNN
Create review templateYYNN
Download reviewYNYN
View reviewAll ReviewsAny created by me or any where I have access to the reviewee based on my permissionsThose created by me or the ones where anyone reporting to me/to my report is a revieweeY, where I am a reviewer for a given reviewee in that review.
View submitted reviewsAll submissionsOnly my submissions, or submissions for employees within my permission scopeMy submissions and all submissions for my direct reportsOnly my submission
View summaryAll summariesAll summariesSummaries written by me for my direct reportsOnly when shared with me by my manager
View reviews for an employee in their DocumentsAll submissionsAll submissionsAll submissions for my direct reportsAny summaries shared with me by my manager and my self review, if applicable
Delete review templates for the companyAll templatesAll templatesNN
Delete reviewsAny reviewReviews created by meReviews created by meN

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