How To Set Up Different Types of Reviews in Performance Management

A peer review is when someone's performance is evaluated by their lateral or similarly reporting coworkers. One of the templates provided to you in the Zenefits system is set up with questions designed for a peer review, but you can also create your own. Note that in order for someone to be reviewed in a peer review setup, they must have at least one other individual reporting to the same manager. If you haven't set up your company org structure in Zenefits, you'll need to do this first.

In order to set up a peer review, you can ensure the following review setup is utilized.

  1. On the Reviewees step, choose the scope of who will be reviewed
    - is it one location? (choose a location from the filter panel on the left)
    - one department? (choose a department from the filter panel on the left)
    - the whole company? (ensure that no filters are applied, and no individuals are excluded in the filter panel)
    - a custom group? (use the Individuals field to build a custom group)
  2. On the Reviewers step, select Peers (Peers sharing their manager)
  3. Once peers are finished with the review, all answers will be sent to their shared manager. If you'd like the manager to participate in answering the review questions instead of just summarizing, check the Reporting Manager box in the Reviewers section as well.
  4. In the Questions step, ensure that any questions you create are assigned to the Peers and others in the Assigned to section.
  5. In the Sharing Feedback step, decide if the reporting manager's summary will be shared with the individual.
Notifications will be sent to each participant's Zenefits account to complete their peer review on the first day of the review cycle. If manager summary feedback is selected to be shared with the direct report, they'll receive a notification that the copy of the summary is available once the manager has completed it.

A manager review in Zenefits is when managers or supervisors have the opportunity to review the performance of their direct reports. Before you get started with the review formatting, you'll want to think about who will be included in the review. Will it be company wide? Or only a few departments or locations?

  1. To start, there is a template of questions that can be used as is or adapted for a manager review.

  2. In the Reviewees step, you'll select everyone who is being reviewed. If the review is company-wide, you'll select everyone who has a manager, or reports to someone.

  3. In the Reviewers step, check the box for Reporting Manager. Since this is a manager review, you don't need to add any other reviewers in, unless you'd like additional people to review the subject's performance at the same time.

  4. In the Questions step, either edit the questions provided with the template you selected, or add the questions from scratch. Since the only reviewers you've selected are the reporting managers, you only need to ensure that each question is assigned to the Reporting Manager role. If any additional reviewer types were included, you will need to make sure the questions you'd like them to answer have their role type checked.

  5. In a manager review, there's no need for the extra feedback summary step. Instead, you'll decide if the manager's review will be shared with the direct report after the review cycle ends.
As with all reviews, once you Create the review, you can't edit the start date. Managers will still be able to add or remove reviewees.

A 360 degree review is a method of giving someone feedback from everyone around them in the reporting structure, including but not limited to their reporting manager, peers, direct reports, and other coworkers.

Coordinating a 360 degree review in Zenefits does require some preparation before beginning the review process. First, determine the extent of your 360 degree review- will you be including just direct reports, peers, and managers? Or will you be including other coworkers?

Although there is no specific template for 360 degree reviews provided by Zenefits, we encourage you to view some of the other templates to see if they'll work for your use case. Of course, you'll have the option to completely customize your review as well.

Once you've decided on the best framework for your 360 degree review, you can use the setup detailed below to launch the review in Zenefits.

  1. In the Reviewees step, choose the people whose performance is being reviewed. If this is everyone in your company, then you'll want to ensure that no filters are applied, and no individuals are in the Exclude Individuals field of the filter panel.

  2. In the Reviewers step, you'll likely want to check the boxes for Reporting Manager, Self-Review, Direct Reports, and Peers. If there are additional desired reviewers who don't fit into these categories, you can add them individually in the Assigned Reviewers section below.? For example: If there is someone in your company who doesn't have any peers (anyone else reporting to the same manager) or direct reports, you may wish to assign them additional individual reviewers as needed.

  3. If you've chosen to create a custom review, you'll next complete the questions. If you're using a template, you can use this opportunity to edit any questions. For each question, determine which reviewer will be required to answer the question. That way, you can choose to have questions apply to only certain roles.
    For example, you can choose to have only managers comment on performance metrics by checking the box for Reporting Manager next to a question "Did this individual meet their performance goals this quarter?"

  4. Determine if the reporting manager will share their feedback summary with the direct reporter in the final Sharing Feedback step.

  5. Note that once you create the review cycle, you can't alter the start date. After you click Create Review Cycle, the reviewers will be alerted via notification in Zenefits to complete the review(s) on the start date of the review.

A self review is an opportunity for your workers to reflect on how they feel about their own job performance. Click here to read more about effective self evaluations.

Here are the steps you can take to set up a self review in Zenefits:

  1. There are no pre-filled Self Review templates in the Templates step, but you can certainly adjust one of the other question templates to work for a self review. Alternately, create your own questions by selecting New Review.

  2. In the Reviewees step, choose everyone who you'd like to participate in the self review.

  3. In the Reviewers step, check the Self-Review box. Note that although managers will be able to view responses, they won't be asked to answer any for a self-review.

  4. In the Questions step, you can either edit the questions provided with a template you selected, or add questions from scratch. Ensure that for each question, the Self box is checked next to Assigned to.

  5. Managers will be required to summarize the self review and provide their own feedback. In the Sharing Feedback step, decide if you'd like the manager feedback summary to be shared with the report or not.
Once you Create Review Cycle, the start date of the review cannot be changed. You will still be able to add and edit reviewers.

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