Reopening reviews in Performance Management

To reopen a review that has ended, take the following steps:

  1. From the Performance Management app, click the Reviews tab.
  2. Click View next to the review you wish to reopen.
  3. From the Actions drop-down menu, click Reopen Review.
  4. Select the new end date for the review and click Reopen.

FAQs About Reopening Reviews

Why don't I see the option to reopen the review?
If the review is still running, or is in a draft state, you won't see the option to reopen the review. If you wish to extend an active review, you can select Change Due Date from the Actions drop-down menu.

Why don't I see the review I want to reopen?
If the review was deleted, then you won't be able to reopen it.

Can I reopen the review for just one person?
No, the review can only be reopened for the same set of reviewers. 

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