What is the difference between reviewees and reviewers?

When creating a review in Performance Management, you'll be asked to assign reviewees and reviewers. So, what's the difference? What does each one do in a review?

A Reviewee is the subject of your review, or the person(s) who the questions are about.

A Reviewer is the person completing the review, or the person(s) answering the questions.

FAQs About Reviewees and Reviewers

Do I always have to include reviewees and reviewers?

In a workplace performance assessment, there is typically a reviewee, or someone whose performance is being assessed or reviewed, and a reviewer, or someone who is reviewing or analyzing the performance.

What if I want to conduct a self-review?

No problem. There's an option to mark as a self-review on the Reviewers step of the review configuration process.

So then are managers always reviewers?

Managers are not always reviewers, but they can be included by checking the Reporting Manager box on the Reviewers step of the review configuration process.

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