What does the Zenefits Payroll Tax Package contain?

The Tax Package can be found on the Reports tab of the Payroll app. It contains tax information for every jurisdiction (e.g., state, federal, or local) where employees had wages in Zenefits Payroll , detailed by tax type and amount.

  • For companies who elected to pay/file on their own in one or more jurisdiction, or those that were notified that Zenefits Payroll could not file or pay their taxes, the report will detail how much is due for each type of tax, and in which jurisdiction. These companies can use these details to complete the appropriate returns and file them with the respective agencies. See this page for contact information and websites for agencies sites in each state.
  • For all other companies, the package will detail the exact amounts reported and paid for each tax in each jurisdiction. Since Zenefits Payroll e-files in the majority of jurisdictions (a data exchange process that does not use the actual paper return forms), the tax report won't include PDFs of the actual returns or transmittals, but will include all the same information that would be used to complete state and Federal forms (e.g., Form 941, 940).

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