When will Zenefits payroll file my state taxes?

Your filing schedule in each state is determined by your deposit schedule in that state. 

  • In states without income tax, filing schedule is the same as deposit schedule.
  • State unemployment taxes are filed and paid on a quarterly basis in all states.
  • For states with more than one deposit frequency for income taxes, the rules for determining filing schedule using deposit schedule will vary from state to state. 
  • For Federal deposit schedules, payments are automatically sent in the first week. 
  • For employment/withholding schedules, the deposit schedule is assigned by the state and is specific to your company. 

In all cases, Zenefits Payroll will file the appropriate returns for each state or local jurisdiction in which your tax payments were made.

  • In the majority of states and local jurisdictions, these returns are filed electronically. In those that still require paper returns, Zenefits Payroll will fill these out for you.
  • During setup, you signed an authorization form for Federal taxes and one or more forms for State taxes. These forms allow Zenefits Payroll to file tax returns and deposit your taxes with the appropriate agency. There's no need for you to sign the forms; Zenefits Payroll will do that for you!
  • Once your returns are submitted, you'll be able to download a tax package in payroll (on the Reports & Forms page) that reports details on your returns.
Here's a list of each State's Payroll Tax and Registration Guide which includes rates, tax forms, required documentation, filing schedules and contact details.

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