Why is there a pay run with $0 for earnings and taxes?

If you see a pay run in Zenefits Payroll that has $0 for employee earnings, taxes, and deductions, but a positive or $0 total cost, it's simply a record of a reconciliation that Zenefits Payroll makes to balance your tax accounts.

  • If the total cost is a positive amount, Zenefits Payroll is making an extra tax payment. For example:
    • For a periodic employer tax, such as New York's MCTMT (quarterly) or Colorado's head tax (monthly).
    • For a reconciliation payment, e.g., if your company's tax rates changed during the quarter and Zenefits Payroll needs to bring your payments up to date.
  • If the total cost is $0, it's simply a reconciliation run that Zenefits Payroll is using to make your tax payments to the state/federal agency.

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