Why isn't Zenefits payroll filing or paying my taxes?

If you received a notice from Zenefits Payroll payroll that you're responsible for filing and paying state payroll taxes yourself, it's because:

  • Our system withholds taxes in every jurisdiction where your employees live and work (determined by your employees' work locations and addresses), and
  • Zenefits Payroll did not receive the appropriate state tax IDs that we needed to pay and file these taxes for you.

Since the deadline for you to provide your tax information for the quarter that's about to close has passed, Zenefits Payroll can no longer file your taxes in those states.

  • You’ll need to file and pay in the jurisdictions in question yourself. See this page to learn more about filing and paying on your own.
  • Zenefits Payroll will still file your federal taxes, since you provided your federal EIN at setup.

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