What is a 'missing filing' tax notice?

Generally, the reasons that a tax agency is indicating a filing has been missed on your account fall into these categories:

Incorrect Tax ID: The tax identification number entered into the Zenefits system is used to pay pay and file taxes and agencies use this number to identify accounts in which to post payments and tax returns. If a tax ID is missing a digit or has transposed numbers, agencies will post wage and tax data to a temporary holding account until the proper account can be identified. In this case, payroll administrators should contact the agency to request that the filings and payments be posted to the proper tax account and update their account number in the Zenefits system to avoid any additional errors from occuring.

Incorrect Filing Frequency: When payroll administrators set up tax jurisdictions in Zenefits Payroll, they are often prompted to enter frequency information. This information dictates the frequency of filing requirements for the respective agency. If the frequency is set to quarterly, for example, but the agency is mandating a monthly filing frequency for your account, they will often send a tax notice indicating that you have missed a filing period. In this case, payroll administrators should update their filing frequency in the Zenefits system and work with the agency to resolve the notice.

Filing Error: If a business has switched payroll providers in the middle of a tax period and neither the previous nor new provider were authorized to file for the tax period, no filing will be sent to the agency for the tax period. In this case, the taxpayer must work with one of the payroll providers or an accountant to ensure the filing is completed.

Please note: Missing Filing tax notices should be sent to Zenefits Customer Care for resolution, however, if Zenefits was not authorized to pay and file to this taxing agency for the period in question, you may need to work with your accountant or previous payroll provider to resolve the tax notice. See our FAQs for Tax Levels of Service in Zenefits Payroll for more details.

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