What is a tax notice and why did I receive one?

Taxing authorities commonly send letters to taxpayers notifying them of changes to their account, upcoming deadlines, new tax rates, and any discrepancies (overages, underpayments, or missing filings). Tax Notices generally fall into these five categories:

  • Amount Due
  • Overpayment
  • Missing Filing
  • Other Miscellaneous Discrepancy (e.g. an employee SSN mismatch)
  • Informational ( e.g. new tax rates, updates to your account, upcoming deadlines, etc.)

Please note: Many of these notices can be resolved on your own by verifying and/or updating the settings in your Zenefits account. If you do need to send it to Zenefits, you may do so by clicking the '?' icon in your Zenefits account and following the prompts to send us the Tax Notice.

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