FAQs About Taxes and Setting Up Zenefits Payroll

You'll need the following information in each location where your employees live or work to complete setup for a new Zenefits Payroll account.

  • Withholding account numbers or Taxpayer ID for any state that has personal income tax.
  • Deposit schedules for all states with personal income tax.

You'll also need to set up Third Party Administrator authorization for Zenefits Payroll if you'll be paying and filing taxes in the following states or cities. While you don't have to complete the authorization(s) before setup, Zenefits Payroll cannot file or pay taxes for you in these locations until you do.

All other information (unemployment account IDs, unemployment tax rates) is not required to complete setup, but must be provided in order to use Zenefits Payroll.

Register for an EDD Account Number online at the EDD site (click Enroll in Employer Services Online). This number is used for both withholding and unemployment taxes. Normally, the  EDD number is provided when registration is completed, but may require an additional 2-3 days for certain employers. For more information, see the EDD Registration FAQ.

During EDD registration proceed as if you do not have a payroll agent. Zenefits will reach out to the jurisdiction directly if further access is needed.

Zenefits Payroll's third-party administrator (TPA) ID in Pennsylvania is 2082444899.

Zenefits Payroll's third-party administrator (TPA) ID in Washington, D.C. is DC6P1H.

Zenefits Payroll's third-party administrator (TPA) ID in Iowa is R2449257.

Zenefits Payroll's third-party administrator (TPA) ID in Massachusetts is 104523.

Zenefits Payroll's third-party administrator (TPA) ID for Minnesota Unemployment (Department of Employee and Economic Development) is AG016073.

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