Employee W-2s Filed by Zenefits Payroll

Zenefits Payroll will file W-2s for employees that were paid in the calendar year.

Employees can access their  W-2  in the Documents section of the Personal Information card from their Zenefits dashboard. Zenefits Payroll will also furnish a single W-2 for employees of companies who make the switch to Zenefits Payroll from another provider during the calendar year.

When can you expect to receive your W-2?

The W-2 will be available in your Zenefits account prior to the IRS set deadline.

I need my W-2 but I can't log into my Zenefits account.

If your company has started using a new payroll provider, you can find your W-2 through the new provider. If your company went out of business, please reach out to your previous HR contact. They can either provide you with a copy of the W-2, or request that the company's account be reactivated so you can access your account and download. If you're having login trouble, please contact Zenefits Customer Care for help

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