Hawaii Payroll Tax and Registration Guide

Account Number(s) Needed:

Hawaii Department of Taxation Account Number: (W99999999-99 or AA 999-999-9999-99)

  • Apply online by selecting Register New Business License under Services. 
    • You will also need to create an online account to access your business
  • Find an existing account number online by selecting Search Tax Licenses under the Search section and entering the known search criteria. 

Hawaii Department of Labor and Industrial Relations: (999999999-9)

  • Create an account online by selecting Get Started under the Employer section
  • You can use this guide to create an account. Follow the steps through Page 33.

Required Payroll Documentation:


  • HW-14 (Withholding Tax Return): This report is a good source of information used to balance wages and taxes withheld from prior quarters. 


  • UC B6 and UCB6A (Employer's Quarterly Wage, Contribution and Employment and Training Assessment and Continuation Report): Employers are encouraged to file electronically. If you eFiled, you can use a payroll report that contains employee unemployment wages and employer contribution amounts. 

Third Party Access /POA Needed:

Local Income Taxes Imposed:  

  • No

State Resources

Visit state resources for specific tax rates and wage details:

    Hawaii Temporary Disability Insurance Taxes

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    Creating a Hawaii Unemployment Profile

    Please create an Unemployment account with the state of Hawaii and grant Zenefits permission to file returns. Without these permissions, Zenefits is unable to file for you.Go to... Learn more

    Authorize Zenefits Payroll as Third Party Administrator in Hawaii

    In order for Zenefits to deposit and file taxes with Hawaii Department of Labor and Industrial Relations for employers who use Zenefits Payroll to pay employees in Hawaii, Zenef... Learn more

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