New York Family Leave Insurance or Paid Family Leave

What is FLI?

New York Family Leave Insurance (FLI), or Paid Family Leave (PFL), is a state mandated coverage for most private employers. The coverage is funded by employee payroll contributions. The coverage can be used for wage replacement and job protection to employees who need time off due to:

  • bonding with a new child
  • caring for a family member due to a health condition
  • assisting when a family member is deployed on active duty

How can I set up FLI?

Coverage for FLI  can often be secured or included with your existing benefits disability policy. Reach out to your insurance carrier for more information.

How can Zenefits help with FLI?

Zenefits can help with calculating the employee payroll deductions. However, remitting the payments will be the employer's responsibility.
Once you have secured coverage with the insurance carrier, you can set FLI deductions up in Zenefits.

Where can I learn more about FLI?

The state of New York has a website dedicated to assisting employees, employers, and healthcare professionals with Paid Family Leave.

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