Ohio Payroll Tax and Registration Guide

Account Number(s) Needed:

Companies who pay employees in Ohio must register with the OH Department of Taxation for a Withholding Account Number and the OH Dept of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) for an Employer Account Number.

Ohio Department of Taxation Withholding Account Number: 59-999999-9 (9 digits)

  • Apply online at the Ohio Business Gateway to receive the number immediately upon completing the application.
  • Find an existing Withholding Account Number:
    • on Form IT-501, Employer's Payment of Ohio Tax Withheld
    • by contacting the Dept. of Taxation.

Ohio Dept of Job & Family Services Employer Account Number: 9999999-99-9 (10 digits)

Required Payroll Documentation:


Third Party Access /POA Needed:

Local Income Taxes Imposed:  

State Resources:

Visit state resources for specific tax rates and wage details

      Dept. of Taxation for withholding taxes

      Dept. of Job and Family Services for unemployment taxes

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