Oregon Payroll Tax and Registration Guide

Account Number(s) Needed:

Companies who pay employees in Oregon must register with the Oregon Employment Department. You can register quickly and securely on the Oregon Business Registry site. Once you are registered, you will receive your Business Identification Number (BIN).

Oregon Business Identification Number (BIN) used for Oregon Department of Revenue & Oregon Employment Department

Required Payroll Documentation:

Withholding & Unemployment

  • Oregon Combined Payroll Tax Report: This report is filed electronically and it is a combined report. This covers Form OQ, Schedule B and Form 132. You can use a payroll report that contains Total UI Subject wages, SSN, Employee Name, Hours Worked, and State Withholding Taxes.

Third Party Access /POA Needed:

Local Income Taxes Imposed:  

  • No

State Resources:

Visit state resources for specific tax rates and wage details

      Oregon Payroll Reporting System for payroll filing and payments

      Dept. of Revenue for payroll taxes

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