Authorize Zenefits Payroll as Third Party Administrator in Pennsylvania

Employers who use Zenefits Payroll to pay employees in Pennsylvania must authorize Zenefits Payroll as a third-party administrator with the Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation Management System (UCMS) to allow Zenefits Payroll to file and pay the company's PA unemployment taxes.

Register for UCMS Account

To register for a UCMS account as a new employer in PA:

  1. In the UCMS portal, click New User? to begin setup for a new administrative user account.
  2. Select the "Employer" account type, and enter a PA UC account number.
  3. Create a password for the new user ID when it's issued.
  4. Click Log Off.

Authorize Zenefits Payroll as TPA in UCMS

To authorize Zenefits Payroll as a TPA on an employer's UCMS account:

  1. On the UCMS home page, select "Employer Profile" from the left navigation bar
  2. Select "Manage Representatives."
  3. Click the "Add New Representative" link
  4. Add the TPA’ s 10-digit account number (2082444899), today’s date, and select the functions the TPA will perform. Click "Submit;"
  5. "Filing Quarterly Reports and Adjustments" from the Service Function dropdown.
  6. Click Submit, then OK.

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