Texas Payroll Tax and Registration Guide

Account Number(s) Needed:

Companies who pay employees in Texas must register with the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC). TX also requires employers to register their payroll provider with the TWC as an authorized third-party administrator to allow the provider to file and pay TX unemployment taxes.

TX Workforce Commission Account Number: 99-999999-9 (9 digits)

  • Register online with the TWC within 10 days of the first check date to receive the number immediately. Registration requires company location and Federal Employer Identification Number.
  • Find an existing TWC Account Number:
  • By logging in to the Unemployment Tax Services site
  • By contacting the TWC  via their Contact page

Though the state of Texas only requires TX employers to register within 10 days of paying $ 1500+ in a quarter, Zenefits Payroll requires companies to register for their TWC account number prior to running their first payroll. This more stringent requirement allows Zenefits Payroll to make sure that UI amounts are correct from day one.

Required Payroll Documentation:


  • Not applicable


  • The Texas Withholding Commission (TWC) requires electronic filing of all Unemployment Taxes. Use a payroll report that contains SSN, Employee Name, Quarterly Gross Wages, Quarterly Taxable Wages, and employer contribution amounts. 

Third Party Access /POA Needed:

Local Income Taxes Imposed:  

  • No

State Resources:

Visit state resources for specific tax rates and wage details

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