Washington DC Paid Family & Medical Leave

The District of Columbia (DC) has released new guidelines about how Paid Family & Medical Leave should be handled. As a statewide program, employers and employees can contribute through payroll withholding.

In general, covered employees include all employees who have a work location in DC. Employers are subject to pay DC Unemployment for these covered employees. Beginning April 1st, 2019, employers will be subject to .62% payroll tax on covered worker wages. If you are Full Service with the DC Department of Employment Services, Zenefits will automatically calculate and remit the DC Paid Family Leave taxes on your behalf. 

We have already calculated a portion of this tax and you may have already seen a debit to your account, however, these amounts will not cover the full amount due based on the announced effective date of April 1st.  In order to reconcile and remit the full amount due, we will credit and re-debit your account in order to address the appropriate outstanding balance. If you receive any notices from the jurisdiction reporting any necessary follow-up, please reach out to our Zenefits Customer Care team.

To learn more about how this affects your company and employees, and for additional resources, please check out DC’s Paid Family Leave page.

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