Filing for a Business License in Washington State

Companies who pay employees in Washington State must file for a business license in WA and register online to receive the necessary tax account and ID numbers and tax rates.

Application Process

  1. Submit application online with the WA Department of Revenue. Here's a list of application fees.
  2. The WA Department of Labor will open a workers' compensation account for the company.
  3. The WA Employment Security Department will open an unemployment insurance account for the company.
  4. Within 10-14 days, the company will receive a packet with the following information:
    • Employment Security (ES) Reference Number
    • Unified Business Identification (UBI) number
    • Workers' Compensation Account ID
    • Participant Activation Code
    • State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) and Employer Administration Fund (EAF) tax rates
    • Composite Rate (also called the Hourly Rate)
    • Risk class code

    • Employee Withholding amount (employee-paid portion of Composite Rate)

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