Wisconsin Payroll Tax and Registration Guide

Account Number(s) Needed:

Companies who pay employees in Wisconsin must register with the WI Department of Revenue (DOR) for a Tax Account Number and the WI Department of Workforce Development (DWD) for an Unemployment Insurance Account Number.

Wisconsin Department of Revenue Tax Account Number Format: 036-9999999999-09 (036 + 10 digits + 09)
  • Apply online at the DOR's MyTaxAccount portal to receive the Tax Account ID within one business day of completing the application.
  • Find an existing Tax Account ID:
Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development Unemployment Insurance (UI) Account Number Format: 999999-999-9 (10 digits)
  • Apply online at the DWD's Employer Online Services to receive the UI Account Number immediately after finishing the application.
  • Find an existing UI Account Number:

Required Payroll Documentation:


  • WT7 (Annual Reconciliation) & WT6 (Withholding Tax Deposit Report): The WI Tax Deposit Report can be a good source of information to use to balance withholding taxes made in prior quarters. You can also use a payroll report that contains employee wages and withheld amounts to help balance prior quarters.


  • UC7823-E (Quarterly Wage Report): This is a good report is a good source of information to use to balance WI employee quarterly wages from prior quarters.

Third Party Access /POA Needed:


Local Income Taxes Imposed:  


State Resources:

Dept. of Revenue - withholding taxes
Dept. of Workforce Development - unemployment taxes

Wisconsin State Income Tax

Wage Withholding Tables
Supplemental Wage / Bonus Rate 4.0%, 5 .84% 6 .27% or 7 .65%

Wisconsin Unemployment Insurance

Maximum 2020 Taxable Earnings $14,000
Employee 2020 Deduction None
Employer 2020 Tax Rates 0.0 - 12. 0 %
Standard 2020 New Employer Rate 3 .05 - 3 .45%
Voluntary Contribution Permitted Yes

Wisconsin Minimum Wage

Minimum Wage $ 7 .25
Minimum Cash Wage(Tipped Employee) $ 2 .33
Maximum Tip Credit $ 4 .92
Youth Minimum Wage $ 5 .90

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