Creating a Customized Time Off Policy in Zenefits

In Zenefits, base plans for limited and unlimited time off policies are built and customized through a number of options.

  • During policy setup, administrators can also import existing time off balances and assign the policy to specific workers.
  • After setup is complete, Zenefits will email those workers to let them know about their new plan.

All time off policies in Zenefits support:

  • Reporting by date range, period or balances.
  • Upload existing time off balances during or after policy setup.
  • Calendar feed for direct reports (for managers only) or all subordinates (for managers and admins) that integrates with:
    • Google Calendar
    • Apple Calendar
    • Outlook
  • Automatic calculator for time off liability to be paid in last paycheck, if required by state law.

What options are supported in Zenefits Time Off?

Limited time off policies are a great way to reward salaried and hourly workers for their dedication. On a limited policy, workers accrue time off over time. See this guid... Learn more

How to create a Limited Time Off Policy in Zenefits

Limited time off policies cap the amount of paid time off available to your workers.Log in to Zenefits, and click Set Up in the Time Off app.If you already have a policy set up,... Learn more

How to Define Holidays on a Limited Time Off Plan

Administrators are able to define holidays for a time off policy in Zenefits. The number of hours reflected for the holiday will be the same as the work day hours, selected by t... Learn more

What is an Unlimited Time Off Policy?

Unlimited time off policies are the simplest type to set up. They're the most generous, and are ideal for managing and approving requests for salaried workers. On an unlimi... Learn more

How to Create an Unlimited Time Off Policy in Zenefits

Unlimited time off policies do not have any caps on the amount of time off that a worker can use. Please see the instructions below on how to create the policy in Zenefits. ... Learn more

How to Define a Work Schedule for an Unlimited Time Off Policy

Administrators are able to define work schedules for unlimited time off policies.  Defining a work scheduleSelect the Time Off app Click on Settings and choose the plan ... Learn more

How to adjust Time Off balances

An administrator can make changes to an employee's Current Balance for Vacation, Sick, or Personal Leave Time Off using the following steps: Log into your administrator dashboa... Learn more

Someone is Missing From the PTO Policy

Anyone who is set to No PTO during the initial setup of PTO or in the onboarding process will not appear on any PTO policy. To verify whether someone has been set to NO PTO:Cli... Learn more

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