How to Define Holidays on a Limited Time Off Plan

Administrators are able to define holidays for a time off policy in Zenefits. The number of hours reflected for the holiday will be the same as the work day hours, selected by the administrator.

To set up different holiday calendars for different work locations, set up a separate policy for each location and assign people from each location to the desired policy.

Custom Holidays

  • Each year, the holidays defined for a policy will reset to the default list of Federal Holidays.
  • Administrators will need to re-add custom holidays each year and re-remove any of the default holidays that the company does not observe.

Zenefits ignores days defined as holidays on this list when calculating the amount of time off in a particular request for tracking purposes. It will show the request as zero hours instead of eight.

  1. Click on the Time Off app.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Select the policy from the dropdown that you wish to edit.
  4. Click on View or Edit Holidays.

Zenefits does not support half-dayholidays (i.e. everyone working half-day on Christmas Eve).

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