How can I request time off in Zenefits?

Workers can submit current or retroactive time off and leave requests for approval by their managers.

Any workers who reach their negative balance cap will not be allowed to request additional time off.

To submit a request:

  1. After logging in to Zenefits, click into the Time Off application.
  2. On the Overview page, select the type of time off and the dates.
  3. Click Request Time Off.

Requests can be submitted for a custom duration. If the account has a minimum increment, workers may only request custom amounts equal to or greater than that minimum increment.

  • By hours, e.g., 2 hours at a time,
  • Half day,
  • Full day, or
  • A series of days.

The number of hours in each day is determined during policy setup.

  • When the request is submitted, hours are deducted from the available balance (pending approval) so they cannot request more than the available balance.
  • For requests over a period of days, any day that is defined as a holiday or a non-work day (e.g., Sunday) on the time off policy will not be counted in the calculation of time off required by request.

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