Time Off Request Emails

Once someone makes a request for time off, Zenefits will email their approver (usually, a direct manager) with details of the request for their review.

Example Request Email

Hey Ebenezer,

Bob Cratchit has requested Vacation, from 12/25/2015 to 12/26/2015, along with the following explanation: "Christmas".

  • To instantly approve this request, click here: Approve time off
  • To instantly deny this request, click here: Deny time off
  • To view this request in Zenefits, click here: time off requests

This is a request for 16 hours of leave. Bob will have 12.00 hours of Vacation available on 12/26/2015.

If there is an overlapping time off request, the request email will include this information.

Approvers can click the Approve or Deny links to immediately make a decision, or review the request in Zenefits before making a decision.

If no action is taken an email reminder for the time off request will be resent every four days.

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