Getting Started with Time Off Tracking in Zenefits

Zenefits Time Off gives companies the flexibility to create customized time off policies and streamline Time Off administration.

Key Terms for Time Off Tracking

A glossary of key terms related to Time Off Tracking. Time Off Tracking Terminology Accrual Rate: The number of 8-hour time off days that workers earn annually. Balance C... Learn more

Tenure Milestones

Zenefits allows administrators to reward their workers with additional time off based on how long they've been with the company (tenure). These milestones occur on the anniversa... Learn more

Minimum Increments for Time Off Requests

Each type of account (Vacation, Sick, Personal Leave) on a limited time off policy in Zenefits can have a minimum increment, which is the smallest number of hours that someone c... Learn more

How Sick and Personal Leave Work in Zenefits

Time off policies in Zenefits can also have separate banks of hours for Sick and Personal Leave. These categories can be added to limited policies during and after setup. ... Learn more

Can I Prorate Tenure Milestones in My Time Off Policy?

Administrators are able to decide how they would like Zenefits to calculate time off accrual when someone's milestone occurs during an accrual period. Administrators can choose ... Learn more

Explaining time off and synced payroll

Zenefits currently supports synced time off for companies who have Time and Attendance, at least one time off policy, and one of the following providers: Zenefits Payroll ... Learn more

How Zenefits handles location specific sick leave requirements

Administrators will need to comply with location-specific sick leave laws. Zenefits will inform them of these sick leave requirements but will not manage them automatically.Plea... Learn more

Types of Time Off

Time off reasons identify types of paid or unpaid time off in Zenefits. Reasons designate specific kinds of time off that fall under the main time off categories. Types of ... Learn more

Time Off Eligibility

The Zenefits Time Off tool is available to all active workers with a US work location in Zenefits, as long as they are assigned to a time off policy. Here are instructions on ho... Learn more

Setting Up the Time Off App

You can set up your Time Off policy directly from your Zenefits administrator dashboard. To get started, click on Time Off from your dashboard.                              ... Learn more

How many PTO accounts can I assign to a policy?

At this time, you can set up to three PTO accounts to a Time Off policy. You are not required to set up all three. Zenefits will automatically have the three PTO accounts labele... Learn more

Blackout Dates

How to set this up:While setting up or editing vacation and personal rules, you'll see a new box for Blackout Dates. Sick is not eligible for blackout dates.You will be able to ... Learn more

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