Managing Time Off Policies in Zenefits

After setting up a policy and assigning it to workers, administrators can view and edit current policies and workers' use of time off.

At the policy level, administrators can:

Nearly all policy settings can be edited after a policy is set up, except for the policy type (unlimited or limited). Changes to policy settings will go into effect in the next pay period and apply to all who have been assigned that policy.

Administrators can also make adjustments and edits to individual workers:

How do I assign Time Off policies to workers?

You can assign time off policies to your workers when hiring them, updating their employment status, during time off policy setup, or anytime afterwards. If the individual ... Learn more

What happens when I switch someone's Time Off policy?

Zenefits' time off tracking tool provides the flexibility to move your workers between different time off policies. For instructions on assigning a new time off policy to someon... Learn more

How do I Add a Company Time Off Policy?

Once a time off policy is set up in Zenefits, time off policies can be edited or added at any time from the Settings page of the Time Off app. From there: Click Add Policy to ... Learn more

How do I Track Balances for Different Types of Time Off?

The Zenefits Time Off app allows companies to track balances for varying types of time off, such as floating holidays, Jury Duty, or Bereavement on limited policies. This is a t... Learn more

How do I Change Time Off Accrual to Zero?

Anyone with a zero accrual rate will not earn time off, but can still use the Time Off app to request specific types of leave, e.g., sick leave or Jury Duty. To set an accrual ... Learn more

Who Doesn't Accrue Time Off?

Not all workers have to accrue time off. Administrators can choose to either block people from seeing the time off Tracking tool entirely or simply set them to accrue no time. ... Learn more

How to Add a Custom Time Off Reason

Administrators can choose to add Custom Time Off reasons as a type of time off in their time off policy. However, monetary values cannot be assigned for hours in the Zenefits sy... Learn more

How to Adjust Time Off Hours

Once logged into Zenefits, the Requests tab in the Time Off app will allow you to edit any time off hours. You'll need to select the worker who needs the changes to be made, the... Learn more

How to Change a Negative Time Off Balance Allowance

If an administrator wants to modify a particular time off policy to either allow or disallow negative time off balances, they can do so in the Settings tab of the Time Off app. ... Learn more

How to Delete A Time Off Policy

If your company no longer needs a specific Time Off policy, you have the ability to delete the policy.1. From your administrative account, click on the Time Off app.2. Select th... Learn more

Reporting on Sick Leave Balances in Zenefits

Since Zenefits does not current sync Time Off hours to payroll, sick leave balances will not automatically be displayed on pay stubs. To report on sick leave balances in Zenefit... Learn more

Can I set up partial Time Off days?

Yes! It will need to be selected as an option during the Time Off (PTO) policy set up. The admin needs to select "Custom Rules": Then scroll down to the last section: If you unc... Learn more

How do I change the Time Off Accrual Rate?

Admins can change the accrual rates for individual workers by opening the Time Off app and completing the following steps:Select the Balances tabSelect the person's name, then t... Learn more

How do I change a Company Default Workday?

When someone enters a request for Vacation or Time Off, the number of total hours requested is calculated as: Number of Working Days x Company's Default Workday = Total Hours R... Learn more

Accrual and Usage Caps by State

To learn more about your state laws when it comes to accrual and usage caps for time off, please reference your state below to get more information.  StatePTO Link Alabama... Learn more

Cloning Time Off Policies

Learn how to clone time off policy.1. From your Zenefits dashboard, click the Time Off app.2. Click the Settings tab.3. Click the three dots related to the policy you want to cl... Learn more

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