How do I Import Time Off Balances Into a Time Off Policy?

Administrators can use an Excel template to import existing time off balances during setup of a limited policy, or to make bulk edits to an existing policy after setup.

The template contains fields for supplying balances for:

  • Vacation Balance (Hours)
  • Sick Leave Balance (Hours)
  • Personal Leave Balance (Hours)
  • Accrual Rate (in days per year) as:┬áVacation (Days/Year)
  • Sick Leave (Days/Year)
  • Personal Leave (Days/Year)
  • Tenure Milestones (yes or no)
    • If Yes, current bonus is calculated as Total Accrual Rate - Base Accrual Rate

Please refer to the Instructions tab of the template for tips on its use. The information entered into the template will override all information for existing users of that policy.

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