Reporting on Time Off in Zenefits

Administrators and managers can run reports on current balances and approved requests. Reports are downloadable as Excel sheets.

Run a Time Off Report

Administrators and managers can run reports on time off balances, time taken and requests. Zenefits supports three types of time off reports: Time Taken by standard period... Learn more

Information in Time Off Reports

Time Off reports list, by category, leave requested for current workers. Time Taken reports include information for all current workers, and the time off policy they're ass... Learn more

Report Sick Leave

Zenefits' Time Off app makes it easy to run Balance reports for those on limited policies. These reports describe the current available balances for Vacation, Sick, and Per... Learn more

How Zenefits Determines Time Off Liability For a Terminated Worker

For employers who have a limited time off policy, Zenefits will automatically list the worker's time off liability during the termination process. However, the time off liabilit... Learn more

View Time Off Liability for Terminated Workers

To view the time off liability amount for a worker prior to terminating them, follow these steps. Go to the Time Off app, and click on the Balances tab. Select the Filter... Learn more

Types of Time Off Reports

Zenefits supports three types of Time Off reports: Time Taken reports list, for a standard period (Year, Month or Quarter) or custom period (date range), approved request... Learn more

Time off liability is calculating incorrectly

If you're not sure how Zenefits calculates time off liability, refer to this page. If a terminated worker's liability is incorrect, please refer to how Zenefits calculates Time ... Learn more

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