Time Off Accrual in Zenefits

In Zenefits, those on a limited policy accrue Time Off based on the policy's period.

Vacation, Sick, and Personal Accrual Periods

In Zenefits, workers accrue time off based on their policy's period and by hours worked. Accrual periods can be: Weekly* Bi-Weekly* Semi-Monthly Monthly Quarterly* ... Learn more

Time Off Policy and Calendar Year Start Dates

Administrators can select a flexible start date for the time off calendar year in the setup flow. While an administrator can still choose a standard January 1 to December 31 sch... Learn more

Calculate Default Time Off Accruals in Zenefits

Though base accrual amount for time off is actually entered as days per year, Zenefits converts this figure to hours per year in order to properly calculate accrual based on the... Learn more

Calculate Time Off Accrual Rates for Custom Workdays

A custom accrual rate can be set to match workdays that are less than or more than the standard 8-hour day that Zenefits assumes for default Time Off accrual calculations. ... Learn more

Prorate Time Off for New Hires

New hires hired in the middle of an accrual period (e.g., hired mid-year for a policy with annual accrual) may receive a prorated amount of time-off hours. Prorated hours for ne... Learn more

Tie Time Off Accrual and Calendar to a Fiscal Year Calendar

pageInsert(/PTO_Tracking/PTO_Accrual_in_Zenefits/05-Fiscal_Year_PTO_Policies, ) This directly impacts the process by which workers accrue time, carry over unused time, and reset... Learn more

Adding a Custom Base Accrual Rate to a Limited Time Off Policy

Since custom accrual rates are set at the policy level, companies with different work schedules for different groups of workers should create a separate policy for each group. ... Learn more

Change an individual worker's time off accrual rate

Time off accrual rates can be changed for individual workers. An individual worker's accrual rate for time off can be changed through the Balances tab in the Time Off app.... Learn more

Setting Accrual Periods for Vacation, Personal, and Sick Time

To set accrual rates for Vacation, Personal, and Sick time in the Zenefits Time Off tool: 1. Select the base accrual rate. 2. Select the accrual period. Options: monthly sem... Learn more

Disable tenure milestones for select individuals

Tenure milestones can be disabled for specific individuals.Log in to ZenefitsOpen the Time Off applicationClick BalancesSelect the type of time off (Vacation, Sick, Personal)Cli... Learn more

Hourly Accrual Time Off Policy

What is the Hourly Accrual Time Off policy? Hourly accrual for Time Off policies is a setting that allows workers to accrue time off based on the number of hours the... Learn more

I have questions about how my Time Off policy works

In order to see how your Time Off policy works, you can reference the policy information from your personal Zenefits dashboard. Simply click into the Time Off app, select the My... Learn more

Balance Calculator

The Time Off feature allows workers to know how much time they will have at the time of their request. Workers can go to Time Off app and enter their request for time off. As so... Learn more

PTO Accrual Based on Hours Worked

If your company uses a policy type that accrues based off the hours your employees work, you’re in luck. If you use Zenefits Time & Attendance and/or Zenefits Payroll, simply he... Learn more

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